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ACEP members can receive 3 free therapy or wellness counseling sessions: Log in to learn more about the program.

Non-members can still access ACEP's additional physician wellness resources.

Envision Employee Assistance Program

Access licensed therapists and other support for employees, their dependents and cohabitants:

WorkLifeHealth.com/us or call 800.272.2727

(Enter EVPS when prompted for your organization)

Anxiety Management Tools from Simple Habit


Combatting Loneliness

Surviving Survivor's Guilt

Natural Reactions to Stress

Grounding Exercises You Can Do Anywhere

Grief in a Time of COVID-19

Maintaining a Sense of Purpose in Crisis

Learned Optimism

UHC TalkSpace Member Flier (Enterprise/EVPS)

Sanvello Behavioral Health App Member Flier (Enterprise/EVPS)

HealthJoy App Brochure

Go365 Humana Vitality Program Flyer

Requesting a Leave of Absence


AMSURG – Employees should reach out to the FMLA Administrator (fmla@amsurg.com)

Exercise At Home

Fitness Blender

Free exercise site for all fitness levels

21st Yoga
YouTube channel | Facebook Live

19 Minute Yoga

Free live-streamed yoga classes on YouTube

Crossfit At Home

Access basic movements for all fitness levels and ideas for healthy meals

WebMD: Get Fit at Home - No Gym Required

Kula for Karma

Check out the website for your local gym. Many are posting home workouts that require little or no equipment.

Special Digital Offers

Meditation/Mental Wellbeing:

Talkspace (free and reduced subscription for online therapy and anti-anxiety resources)




Apple Books Stay-at-Home Collection


Nike Training Club

Planet Fitness

Gold's Gym AMP Digital Personal Trainer