This is our first report and we are thrilled to share our accomplishments and goals for 2022. We provide a glimpse into Envision’s impact on the communities where we operate across the country and our world.

As we continue our journey of building America’s leading medical group, we define what it means to be a valued teammate for practicing clinicians, a preferred partner for hospitals and health systems and a trusted provider of quality care for patients. We are solidly grounded in our calling to provide high-quality patient care and improve the health of our communities.

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We are Building

America’s Leading Medical Group

Envision Healthcare - Jim Rechtin, CEO
Chief Executive Officer

While there is no way to measure the true impact the Envision team has had on the millions of people we serve, I hope this inaugural report provides a snapshot of the many ways we make a difference. We invite you to celebrate with us and learn more about our ongoing initiatives that enable us to live our values and core mission of caring for patients when and where they need us most.

Envision Healthcare - Chan Chuang, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Interim Medical Group President
Chief Medical Officer and Medical Group President

As a leading national medical group, we are implementing innovative care solutions and advancing the healthcare system. Our work is ongoing, and I am confident we will continue driving changes that make healthcare better for patients and clinicians.

Envision Healthcare - Jeff Snodgrass, President of AMSURG
President of AMSURG

The past two years have pushed us to think outside the box, to be even more strict about our patient safety protocols – even when we thought there wasn’t any more room for improvement – and we are better because of it.

Download 2021 Impact Report