As an organization, Envision Healthcare – including Envision Physician Services, AMSURG and Evolution Health – and its clinicians and clinician partners are responsible for the treatment of more than 35 million patients each year. Envision’s services across the care continuum (ambulatory, emergency medical services, hospital-based, office-based and telehealth) impact lives at a scale that cannot be overstated, and our organization is committed to supporting the critical roles clinicians play in supporting America’s healthcare safety net.

Envision is investing in access to the critical supplies and resources physicians need to remain safe while treating patients. “As the coronavirus situation continues to unfold, Envision is committed to protecting the physicians and other clinical professionals who put themselves in harm’s way on behalf of their patients,” said Jim Rechtin, President, Envision Healthcare.

Envision Physician Services National Doctors’ Day Story

AMSURG National Doctors’ Day Story

Help Us Celebrate Our Healthcare Heroes


We invite you to join us in celebrating our Healthcare Heroes by posting a video of yourself thanking physicians for all that they are doing to maintain our country’s healthcare safety net during the COVID-19 crisis and use the #HealthcareHeroes hashtag.

Our organization is honored to celebrate the work of these men and women as they demonstrate a willingness to stand united in their commitment to patient safety and well-being. We thank you for everything you do to care for communities and help contain the spread of COVID-19.