Statement from Jim Rechtin, Envision Healthcare President and Chief Executive Officer

“When I joined Envision last year, I made a pledge to elevate diversity – including diversity of thought – to better serve patients and make Envision a stronger, more representative organization. We, at Envision, do not support one political party at the expense of another. We support individual political leaders based on their commitment to policies that improve the quality and delivery of healthcare in the United States. However, a well-functioning democracy is the foundation of a well-functioning society and economy. By extension, it is the foundation of a well-functioning healthcare delivery system. It is central to who we are and what we do on multiple levels. The events we saw last week at the United States Capitol, and the ensuing attempts by some elected officials to undermine our democracy, are unacceptable. Those who try to undermine democracy must be held accountable.

It is imperative our political activities reflect our values as a national medical group. For that reason, we are suspending all contributions to elected officials who opposed certification of the presidential election for the entirety of 2021. Envision is part of every community we serve, and our political contributions should reflect more than what is good for our company, our providers and our patients – they should reflect what is good for a functioning and healthy society.”