Happy Independence Day!

This July Fourth we will celebrate the 246th anniversary of the birth of our nation. We are quickly approaching our quarter millennial anniversary. This country was built on the principles of equality, liberty and self-governance. Nearly 250 years later, it can be difficult to appreciate how bold that vision was. It’s too easy to forget the sacrifices required to realize it. But we must recognize how fragile that democracy can be.

One generation after another has passed the baton of freedom and democracy to the next through vigilance, commitment and careful nurturing of what we have. Today it is upon us to do the same.

This year, as you celebrate our nation’s Independence Day, take a few minutes to reflect — what can each of us do in these next four years to ensure that our 2026 Quarter Millennial Anniversary is a celebration of the vibrant democracy our Founders intended. What can each of us do to ensure that we do not lose what we have been gifted by the generation before? And ask yourself, how will we pass it on to our children, just as those before, did for us?