Getting to Know Our Teammates Through Candid Conversations

I’m excited to introduce the new “Candid Conversations” video series, featuring Envision teammates in endearing and curiosity-fueled interviews.

We share stories about our lives and work caring for our communities. We also learn about the qualities that make us unique and find common ground on the ones that make us all human. Join us as we share some laughs and tears and gain a deeper appreciation for one another. 

In this first conversation, Dr. Mansoor Khan talks about starting a business in a basement and caring for those in need through Envision’s trips to the Dominican Republic.

In my nearly three years with Envision, I’ve had the honor of meeting many of you. While these videos are snapshots of our interactions, I hope they bring us closer together and inspire you to create similar meaningful moments with your teams. 

Look for more videos as we head into 2023 and engage with teammates.