With more people being diagnosed with colorectal cancer (CRC) at a younger age, it is now recommended that those at average risk for CRC begin screening at age 45 instead of 50.

It’s possible that Michele Battista’s life could have been different had the recommended first-time screening age been lowered sooner. Still, her decision to be screened at 50 was lifesaving.

Without any CRC symptoms, Michele scheduled a screening colonoscopy at the Endoscopy Center of Red Bank in New Jersey. She followed her prep and arrived at the center on Valentine’s Day.

“I wasn’t expecting anything,” Michele said.

Her physician discovered a peach-sized tumor during her colonoscopy. She was diagnosed with Stage 3 colon cancer. Michele underwent surgery and 12 rounds of chemotherapy and is now celebrating her 11-year cancerversary®.

She has become a fierce advocate for early CRC detection, sharing her story and encouraging people to receive timely screenings.

“If I can get one person to go get their colonoscopy based on my story at 50, then I’m happy.”