As a Regional Medical Director of Emergency Medicine at Envision and the Chief of Staff at HCA Houston Healthcare Kingwood, Dr. Anita Datta is passionate about helping patients heal and her teammates thrive.

Dr. Datta says that as a woman in a leadership role like hers, she is constantly working to overcome stereotypes, including society’s preconceived notions and treatment of women in medicine.

“We're not always the first person that's seen as the physician,” Dr. Datta said.

At times, she did not think she would be in the role she is in today and appreciates the support she has received from teammates throughout her career. She says she recognizes her unique position and uses her platform to mentor teammates, elevate the next group of clinical leaders and advance the field of emergency medicine.

Emergency medicine resident Dr. Kaitlynn Small says Dr. Datta is an inspiration, and she aspires to be like her.

“We are very fortunate to have her,” she said. “It was a pleasant surprise having a female medical director that is so involved in the hospital and the program, and she just demonstrates such respectable leadership qualities as well.”

Dr. Datta’s 9-year-old daughter is also proud of her and says she wants to be just like her mom.

Dr. Datta’s advice to everyone: “Work hard, believe in yourself, and when you get to where you've always wanted to be, make sure you give back and support others.”