Starting and maintaining a podcast is difficult and doing it as a practicing physician caring for patients full-time can be even more challenging. For Envision neonatologists Dr. Benjamin Courchia and Dr. Daphna Yasova Barbeau, producing “The Incubator” podcast was a must, as they believed it would help unify the medical community and advance the delivery of quality newborn care.

“We thought that what if we did interviews with other physicians or other people in and around our field to try to create that connection again, even though it's only virtual,” Dr. Courchia said.

The podcast has created a platform for clinicians around the world to build connections, highlight the work of their colleagues and share clinical best practices. Since launching in May 2021, they have produced more than 130 episodes covering peer reviewed publications, innovations that can help neonatologists and conversations with clinicians that are at the forefront of their disciplines “The Incubator” is a leading medical podcast.

"The Incubator platform is hoping to serve as a conduit to share information and to provide more equitable access to the latest literature in our field. We love being able to meet our busy colleagues wherever they are,” Dr. Yasova Barbeau said.

Envision neonatologist, pediatric cardiac intensivist and pediatric cardiologist Dr. Rune Toms supports the team and has played a role in the podcast’s success. Additional Envision teammates have contributed to the podcasts in recent episodes:

The podcast is available to listeners worldwide and has been translated into French, Portuguese, Spanish and Farsi and can be downloaded on all podcast streaming services.

More information about Dr. Benjamin Courchia and Dr. Daphna Yasova Barbeau:

Dr. Benjamin Courchia

Dr. Benjamin Courchia is a neonatal intensive care physician working in Davie, Florida. He is the Director of Neonatal Innovation at Envision Healthcare and HCA University Hospital. He is actively involved in the development and implementation of new technologies to improve the care of critically ill neonates. He is also the Director of the Chronic Lung Disease Program. He is an adjunct faculty of medicine at Nova Southeastern University. Dr. Courchia was born, and grew up, in the South of France. He received his medical degree from Ben Gurion University of the Negev and then pursued a residency in pediatrics at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City. He completed his neonatal intensive care training at the University of Miami under the auspices of Dr. Eduardo Bancalari and Dr. Charles Bauer. He lives in Bay Harbor Islands, Florida, with his wife and daughter.

Dr. Daphna Yasova Barbeau

Dr. Daphna Yasova Barbeau is a neonatal intensive care physician working in Davie, Florida. She is the Director of Neonatal Neurodevelopment at Envision Healthcare and HCA University Hospital. Her professional passions include infant neurodevelopment, prenatal counseling, palliative care, trauma informed care and family integrated care. Dr. Barbeau is currently creating books for families of NICU infants as well as working with the National Family Centered Care Taskforce team to promote interventions that target maternal and family mental health.

Dr. Barbeau was raised in Palm Harbor, Florida, and completed her medical, pediatric and neonatal training at the University of Florida, where she was also a chief resident. When not in the hospital, Daphna is hanging out with her husband and daughter — they enjoy crafting, nature hikes, swimming, biking and filming amateur cooking videos.