Dr. Tyler Mineo

Dr. Mineo treated a high-risk mother in active labor who had previously had two C-sections and one stillbirth. The patient seemed to be caught by surprise that she was in labor and had no family with her at the time of her arrival. Dr. Mineo talked her through the process and kept her informed of what to expect as they delivered the baby.

At first, the baby was not breathing, but after brief stimulation and suction, the baby took a breath.

Thank you, Dr. Mineo, for providing lifesaving care and helping this patient and all patients every day.

Dr. Teofilo Lama

A patient arrived at the hospital in severe shock. The intensivist team, led by Dr. Lama, identified that the patient had overdosed on prescription medication.

“This was really a difficult case to treat, but thanks to the team effort, including our region’s poison control, we were able to rescue her from her overdose,” Dr. Lama said.

Thank you, Dr. Lama and team, for providing lifesaving care and helping this patient.

Dr. Gregory Vo

A young patient with cancer and in severe respiratory failure needing a transplant was transferred from one hospital to another, requiring a ventilator. Because of the quick and coordinated actions between the two sites, the patient was able to be weaned off the ventilator without ECMO and extubated to 100 percent O2 support via high-flow nasal cannula and nitric oxide.

In most transplant centers, this patient would not be considered due to his medical history. Dr. Vo, who was eight months out of fellowship, called every transplant center in his city, trying to find a transplant evaluation for his patient. He also reached out to the patient’s oncologist to corroborate the patient’s remission.

Ultimately, one transplant center agreed to accept the patient for evaluation.

Thank you to Dr. Vo and the team for coordinating critical and compassionate care for this patient.

Dr. Hana Reissner and Dr. Donna Okuda

A patient was admitted to the ED a few days postpartum, following a complication at another hospital.

Upon arrival, she had a cough, shortness of breath, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and a bright red rash. She was in septic shock and admitted to the ICU in respiratory failure.

Dr. Reissner identified the source of the problem and facilitated the patient’s appropriate care. The patient underwent a lifesaving hysterectomy by Dr. Okuda and is continuing to improve.

Thank you to Dr. Reissner and Dr. Okuda for providing lifesaving care to this patient and for the work you do every day.

Dr. Christopher Muenchen

A healthy middle-aged patient came to the ED after waking up in the middle of the night with severe electric shock-type pain in his back that radiated down his legs. The patient did not have any red-flag health concerns, but after the assessment, he complained of having difficulty ambulating and reported sensory changes in his legs and abdomen.

Dr. Muenchen identified symptoms of cord compression and ordered an MRI of his spine, which revealed cord compression from an extruded disc fragment. With this diagnosis, the patient was relieved of his pain and discharged while continuing to recover.

Thank you to Dr. Muenchen for his compassionate care in treating this patient.