Below we chat with Dr. Kimberly Iafolla on her time at Envision, what her favorite Envision value is and a memorable patient encounter.

Six years.

I am the Women’s and Children's ENVOY Ambassador Regional Medical Director. I care for patients at most of the hospitals nationwide that Envision Neonatology serves.

My favorite value is Inspire Joy. I want my team to love their jobs as much as I love mine. If you love what you do, every day is a joyful one.

There are so many stories I could tell because I travel to multiple sites and I am often a fresh pair of eyes for the babies. When I help care for them, sometimes, it seems like I was meant to be there.

I once was at a delivery where the baby got stuck coming out and needed a lot of help getting her heart started. There was a therapy that is often used to help improve neurological outcomes in babies like this, but the local Level 4 hospital was inclined to turn her down because of how early she was born. I kept reminding them she met their criteria by three minutes since she was born after midnight. The Level 4 finally accepted her, and she got the therapy. I heard later that when she went home a few weeks after, she appeared to be totally normal neurologically.