Envision Healthcare Verified by ALL IN: Wellbeing First for Healthcare, Ensuring No Invasive Mental Health Questions on Applications

NASHVILLE, Tenn.— Envision Healthcare, a leading national medical group, today announced it has been recognized for its commitment to clinician well-being as a 2024 Wellbeing First Champion by ALL IN: Wellbeing First for Healthcare. As a Wellbeing First Champion, Envision has verified that its credentialing applications do not contain intrusive or stigmatizing language about mental healthcare and treatment. In doing so, Envision supports clinicians’ well-being and fosters an environment that encourages clinicians to seek care without fear of losing their ability to practice.

WellBeing First Champion

ALL IN: Wellbeing First for Healthcare, a coalition of leading healthcare organizations that works to eliminate barriers for health workers to obtain needed mental healthcare, confirms the verification annually.

“We appreciate the recognition by ALL IN: Wellbeing First for Healthcare for our ongoing work to improve healthcare worker well-being and, ultimately, the health of our nation,” said Joshua A. Bloomstone, MD, MSc, FASA, SSGB, Chief Medical Officer of Envision Healthcare. “Envision is dedicated to empowering physicians and advanced practice providers in the delivery of high-quality care to millions of patients. That starts with making sure clinicians have the support and resources they need to navigate the evolving healthcare system and advancing initiatives to de-stigmatize mental healthcare and reduce the risk of clinician burnout.”

Healthcare workers, including clinicians, have faced high rates of mental health conditions, burnout and suicide for years. However, several factors, including the COVID-19 pandemic, the nationwide clinician shortage and increased administrative burdens and healthcare system pressures, have exacerbated the mental health crisis as clinicians work to provide crucial care to patients.

WellBeing First Champion Award

“For years, credentialing applications forced clinicians to answer invasive and stigmatizing mental health questions that are not relevant to their ability to care for patients,” said Stefanie Simmons, MD, FACEP, Chief Medical Officer of the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation, which leads the ALL IN: Wellbeing First for Healthcare coalition. “In some cases, this has caused healthcare workers to fear seeking medical care. The work Envision is doing is essential to saving the lives of clinicians and patients.”

“The AMA commends Envision for advocating for clinicians’ health and wellness and working to remove barriers that may deter clinicians from seeking care,” said Jesse M. Ehrenfeld, MD, MPH, President of the American Medical Association, a member of the ALL IN: Wellbeing First for Healthcare coalition. “As a country, it is paramount that we protect the people who care for us and not place additional burdens on them. This type of change must occur throughout our entire healthcare system.”

Envision continues to lead nationwide efforts to support clinicians’ mental health and care for the clinicians caring for America. In addition to updating the medical group’s credentialing applications, Envision teams have been working with their hospital and health system partners and states to update their licensing and credentialing applications. Envision has continued to share best practices with the medical community and enhance its comprehensive systems-based wellness program, which predates the COVID-19 pandemic and includes key components like peer-to-peer support, confidential therapy when and where needed, crisis debriefs and leadership development. In addition, the medical group has collaborated with the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation since its inception in 2020 to reduce burnout and suicide and advocate for solutions that support clinicians, including the Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act.


About Envision Healthcare
Envision Healthcare is a leading medical group that delivers physician and advanced practice provider services, primarily in the areas of emergency and hospitalist medicine, anesthesiology, radiology/teleradiology and neonatology. Envision’s medical group offers a differentiated suite of clinical solutions on a national scale with a local understanding of our communities, creating value for health systems, payers, providers and patients. For additional information, visit www.envisionhealth.com.

About ALL IN: Wellbeing First for Healthcare
ALL IN: Wellbeing First for Healthcare, led by the Dr. Lorna Breen Heroes’ Foundation, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, Thrive Global and CAA Foundation, is a coalition of leading healthcare organizations, including American Association of Colleges of Nurses, American College of Emergency Physicians, American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, American Hospital Association, American Medical Association, The Physicians Foundation, CHARM: The Collaborative for Healing and Renewal in Medicine, Johnson & Johnson: Center for Health Worker Innovation, Institute for Healthcare Improvement, American Nurse Foundation, Medicine Forward, National Black Nurses Association, Philippine Nurses Association of America and Schwartz Center for Compassionate Healthcare. Together, the coalition is committed to advancing a state where the healthcare workforce’s well-being is prioritized, and individual health workers feel valued and supported so they can sustain their sense of purpose and meaning in their work. Learn more about ALL IN at www.allinforhealthcare.org.