Improving Clinician Wellness

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The physicians, advanced practice providers, nurses and other clinicians who care for patients are a critical part of our society. We must care for those who care for us by fostering an environment that supports clinicians’ professional and personal well-being.

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  • More than 50% of clinicians experience symptoms of burnout
  • 1% of physicians have attempted suicide, and 300-400 physicians die by suicide annually`
  • Physician burnout costs the United States more than $4.5 billion each year
  • Despite the compassion and care they show for patients, clinicians face stigma when they seek care to address their own emotional wellness

Envision clinicians have access to our intensive professional coaching and intervention program. Peer coaches work with our teammates to identify emotional wellness triggers, improve communication and coping skills and re-engage clinicians in their careers.

Clinical teammates also have access to a suite of peer support resources, including a free, confidential physician support line.

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We reach beyond the walls of the hospital to support the resources our communities need to improve health and prosperity.

This commitment includes philanthropic giving through the Envision Healthcare Charitable Fund, empowering our clinicians to deliver critical healthcare services internationally through the Global Health Initiative and more.

Lawmakers must reform tort laws to protect patients from negligent care and clinicians from frivolous lawsuits. They also must provide student loan debt relief and repayment options for medical students and clinicians.

The Dr. Lorna Breen Health Care Provider Protection Act would reduce and prevent burnout, behavioral disorders and suicide among clinicians by incentivizing investments in access and resources. Federal lawmakers must pass this important legislation.

The country faces a long-term clinician shortage. Lawmakers must make it easier for clinicians to obtain licensure in multiple states and contiguous regions so clinicians can serve our communities. Policymakers also must expand and improve loan repayment programs and incentives to enter and stay in medical careers, especially in underserved areas, and they must address the financial barriers — like cuts to Medicare — that make it harder to practice medicine. Without these and other basic steps, growing shortages will only worsen.

Working in their own practices and with local, state and federal policymakers, providers have the power to improve clinician wellness. Learn more about our efforts below.

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