Dr. Shawna Gelormino, a board-certified emergency medicine physician, is accustomed to traveling across the U.S. to help patients in their time of need. Participating in Envision-led Global Health Initiative trips in other countries is particularly special. “You also just really are empowered by remembering all the reasons that you go into medicine,” Dr. Gelormino said.

“You literally just get to see people and hear their story and be a part of humanity and offer so much good to them, and they give you back so much just to be able to be there in support of them.”

The working conditions on these trips vary, as do patients’ conditions. The clinician-led teams must adapt and lean on their advanced skills to treat all who seek care.

“Sometimes it’s in a school or a church. Sometimes it’s out under the mango trees in the courtyard because that’s the space that we have. It takes a moment to shift your mindset from the resources you’re used to having or the requirements that you’re used to working with to how to do the best for these people with the circumstances that you have.”

She added, “It is a really beautiful experience.”

In 2023, Dr. Gelormino became the Clinical Leader of the Global Health Initiative at Envision after serving on several trips worldwide. She also serves as an ENVOY Ambassador, helping ensure patients across the country receive high-quality care when they need it most. She has been with Envision since graduating from her residency program in 2013.

When she’s not working, Dr. Gelormino loves spending time with her husband and their rescue dogs and cats and embarking on rescue flights as her husband’s co-pilot to save dogs from low-resource areas.