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Envision staff in Dominican Republic

Created in 2019, the Envision Global Health Initiative (GHI) empowers Envision clinicians and clinical support teammates in their volunteer efforts to improve healthcare here and abroad.

Envision Healthcare - John Marshall, MD
Site Medical Director, Emergency Medicine

My heart says my skills are useful here, that I'm doing something that makes a difference in people's lives.

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Many Envision teammates feel called to care for communities in need outside the U.S. However, securing reputable lodging, transportation, food, translator support and other necessities can be a major challenge. The GHI removes these obstacles by partnering with global nonprofit organizations that share our mission of increasing access to care and improving the health of communities.

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Open to physicians, final-year residents, advanced practice providers and clinical support teammates, the GHI has these aims:

  • Improve health internationally, especially in communities with limited access to essential care
  • Engage community members by coaching them and sharing skills needed to become more active in their health and that of their community
  • Create long-term support systems in areas with limited access to care
  • Foster professional wellness, joy and engagement through international medicine opportunities
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495 patient consults int he Dominican Republic

... ...

38 surgeries and 245 patient consults in Honduras

... ...

Medication and medical support in Pakistan

... ...

First aid kits and tactical combat care training in Ukraine


GHI volunteer teams make regular medical missions to the Dominican Republic and Honduras. During each weeklong stay, they provide immediate medical services and develop long-term plans with local physicians for patients who need ongoing care.

The GHI also provides care and support in other regions of the world where the need is great.

Mission Trip to Dominican Republic

Envision Healthcare - John Marshall, MD
Emergency Medicine

It removes all the extra stuff involved with healthcare and strips it down to just human beings caring for other human beings.

The GHI embodies the values we live by as a national medical group dedicated to improving the health of communities — wherever there’s a need:


For Envision GHI volunteers, the service they provide to communities in need reignites the fire of their healthcare calling.

Delivering care in this direct way without distraction lets them connect on a personal level and rediscover their love for patient care. The difference they make is visible, tangible and deeply valued by the people they help.

Why I Volunteer

Envision Healthcare - Kathleen Thousand, MHA, BSN, RN
Senior Director of Virtual Health Operations

I'm getting rich down here. My heart is getting rich.

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