Team Shout Outs

"Shout out to our Payroll Team! They did a great job with new Kronos Dimensions roll out!"

— Kathleen Needleman

"A much-deserved shout out to Mandi Towle. Her positivity, competence and humor are a delight to everyone she works with. What a treasure!!!!"

— Kimberly Torek

"How about a shout out to Katie Lamb for all her years of service and dedication to AMSURG!"

— John Trocino

"Dr. Brown, well done with the demonstration!"

— William Franz

"Shout out to the entire Radiology IT Team and for the guidance provided by Mike Davis and Elio Perez."

— Todd Coe

"BIG BIG shout outs to Kat Thousand and Dr. Mark Gamber, the real super stars behind the build of ET3!"

— Juli Stover

"I am so proud of our leadership, our company, our clinicians. "

— Maurice Gosby

"Big shout out and thank you to the RCM Case Recon Project team. They have all worked very hard and have been flexible to our changes as the process has changed. I can't thank the team enough!"

— Therese Black

"Shout out to Monique Moise for always being there for her team!"

— Richard Martinez

"Shout out to the Central Group DCS team for great work leading and driving excellence in our Group-BPCI-A, patient experience, operational assessments, Risk Free modules, and many more!"

— Mark Canada

"Shout out to Mark Grossi for being the Oracle guru! "

— Ravi Patel

"Shout out to the Employee Relief Fund. The Employee Relief Fund assisted me back in 2014 for my stage 3 cancer treatments. It was a true blessing in every way and so happy to see it continue for all my coworkers."

— Anonymous

"Hi my name is Mia Garcia, Director of RCM from the Planatation office. I am over the Woman's & Children's, Pain & JV, and Surigical teams. I want to give a HUGE shout out to my entire team. We have gone through many changes due to transitions to an outside billing vendor and especially COVID. Through all the changes, my team has come together all stepped in to take on additional tasks. Many have been pulled in to work on multiple projects and have worked many long hours. They have all done so without complaints. Through this time we have managed to become closer and work as a team. I want to say THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR HARD WORK and want you to know YOU ARE ALL GREATLY APPRECIATED."

— Mia Garcia

"Shout out to the Doc Prep team! After quickly transitioning to full-time work from home, many people have taken on additional roles within the department to support one another and keep things running smoothly!"

— Susan Suchoski

"Shout out to Traci Walton, manager of the facilities and mail team at Plantation."

— Luis Ferrer

"Shout out to the EHR team on Insight and taking our first physician live on EHR today! Larecia Denning, Giselle Joines and Emily Forsythe, thanks for all the long hours from the Insight team!"

— Kimberly Franks

"Dr. Brown is the BEST! I love his knowledge and updates around COVID...I trust him as a news source!"

— Kelli Henley

"Kudos to our magnificent Cedars-Sinai/Marina Del Rey team!!!!"

— Carlos Sandoval

"Shout out to the entire Radiology Support Team, who supports our radiologist 24/7/365."

— Nicholas Arruda

"Shout out to Dr. Jon Katz and Shane Simon who are our SVPs for Alliance National Anesthesia line. We are a solid team because of their leadership and steadfastness in constant changing times in the anesthesia world. Their positivity is contagious, and their gratitude for our work/service only makes us want to work harder for them. True leaders! "

— Madison Prokop, MBA

"Shout out: During this unprecedented and challenging year, our company has had to make many difficult decisions. Each of those decisions has been informed by extensive analysis, modeling, meetings and rework in an effort to land on the best answer for the team as a whole. This shout out is for all the people behind the scenes grinding through the work that isn’t always flashy or going to make the front page, but that will ensure that we all end up on the other side of this in a better place. Special shout out to Don King, Dave Esler and the HR team for helping navigate difficult decisions."

— Stephanie Morris

"Shout out to Marketing Content, Automation, Tech and Creative Teams. Everything we work on that is completed successfully is because of you—because of your hard work, artistry, imagination and resourcefulness. You give us the ideas, messaging, what is represented on our site, endless emails, graphics and so much more. We know your work may not always be seen or recognized because you share it generously without asking for recognition, but we see it, and we are so thankful for all you do. You make our jobs easier and better every day. We appreciate you."

— The MarComm PM Team

"Shout out to the Facility Management teams in Plantation, Nashville and Dallas, led by Traci Walton, Andy Durham and Narda Mendoza, for their never-ending commitment to go above and beyond in support of our office teammates. Their creative thinking, flexibility and positive attitudes during these times of change are an inspiration. I am proud to be a part of their team. Thank you for all you do!"

— Jan Moody

"I want to give a shout out to the Plantation Credentialing Team for working so hard and doing such an amazing job working with physicians and mid-level practitioners to obtain state licenses and hospital privileges."

— Lourdes Rivera

"I want to give a HUGE shout out to the KC RMC team. Through all of the changes and the unknowns, you have all kept up the amazing work with wonderful positive attitudes. You continue to push hard to make sure deadlines and goals are met. It is an absolute honor and privilege to be able to work with such a fantastic TEAM! Thank you all!"

— Kathy Carbrey

"The ENVOY team ROCKS. Go Dr. Khan and team."

— Arif Alam

"Thank you so much to all the clinical staff who are on the front line we appreciate you!!"

— Debra Oliver

"So grateful for the work the CSS team has been doing. There have been so many requests, and everyone has jumped right in to tackle the job. I am really feeling the teamwork and just wanted to say a big, HUGE thanks for the brainstorming, willingness to help, and excellent collaboration! Kudos to all!!!!! "

— Carley Culley and Melissa McDonald

"Shout out to the ENVOY Radiology and W&C Operations team and Clinical leadership, Dr. Iaffola, Dr. Mukherji and Dr. Khan, on the successful launch and ENVOY Travel Teams! Also, a big thank you to our ENVOY CSS team, under Julia Girard, for their dedication and support to process improvement and program recommendations! Teamwork makes the dream work!"

— Gillian Arbas

"Shout out to Kathy Carbrey and the Charge Entry team at the KC office (Go Chiefs!!) for working long hours, short staff and still producing results. Without this team, not sure where we would be. You guys rock!!!"

— Marlon Suber

"Shout out to Dr. Mitchell and Dr. McGann of the ENVOY team for the quick work in standing up the McAllen Texas Temporary ICU housed at the McAllen Texas Convention Center. This temporary hospital is ready to accept COVID patients as overflow from local sites such as Rio Grande Medical Center. Staffed with EM docs, intensivists, CRNAs and APPs! Great work in a short turnaround time! Go ENVOY!!"

— Roberta Trembley

"Our doctors are amazing. Thank you guys!"

— Aristides Iliopoulos

"I would like to send a shout out to the Envision tax department. I’ve been extremely impressed with their dedication, work ethic, and incredible quality of work during this time. They always shine but have all gone above and beyond what is expected the last few months. I’m very thankful to be able to work with such a great group."

— Matt Musso

"I would like to give a shout out to Richard Medina, Enterprise Applications Systems. Any time that I have needed his assistance regarding any Emworks issues he has always responded immediately and works on the problem until it’s done! Plus he has a great personality and funny demeanor!"

— Maria Damato

"I would like to give a shout out to my EST AR team here in KC. They have been tasked with projects outside their normal jobs and keep a positive mindset. "

— Kyle Airrington

"I would like to give a shout out to all the ED/HM operations helping with Anesthesia programs in the EPS division! They have stepped up to take on a new service line, working day and night to get up to speed and ensure all our clients and providers are taken care of!"

— David Luescher

"Giant shout out to the following members of the provider enrollment team for their diligent work on a time-sensitive roster project. This group went above and beyond, applied creative problem-solving, and completed the herculean task compiling and validating high volumes of information. The awesome team members were: Karyn Fraser, Lisa Kerr, Annette Kong-Clarke, Amy Matey, Jodi McKinnes-Rivera, Lindsey Naylor, Jellian Nelson, Ragan Willman. "

— Kathy Kondas

"For one of our ENVOY leaders – Shout to Dr. Mitchell from the ENVOY team. He has spent the last two weeks staying in the south Texas market, stabilizing our ICUs and EM contracts. Thank you, Dr. Mitchell!"

— Unknown

"Just wanted to share how much I appreciate all the work the CSS team has been doing. There have been so many requests, and everyone has jumped right in to tackle the job. I am really feeling the teamwork and just wanted to say a big, HUGE thanks for the brainstorming, willingness to help, and excellent collaboration! Kudos to all!!!!! "

— Unknown

"Thank you to Amy Daniels, Scheduling Coordinator at Alliance National. She found coverage for a doctor who splits time across divisions so he could help me cover for doctor out with COVID. After a weekend of stressing, she made my Monday. "

— Kasey Burkhart

"To our Florida Customer Service team: The leadership team would like to give a shout out to the Customer Service team in Plantation. Thank you for all that you do and keep up the good work. Thank you and stay safe."

— Unknown

"I would like to send a shout out to my amazing supportive Broward Health Envision team of Suszan Leiba, scheduler; Kim Durcan, credentialing; Deb Upfold, billing coordinator. Their constant support and professionalism have created a seamless transition to remote work without hiccups for everyone. They are constantly raising the bar. Thank you!"

— Johnny Segarra

"Shout out to Michele Long from your friends and coworkers, Jane and the Coding team. After working in the Conshohocken office for > 19 years, Michele had to make the adjustment to working from home. She acclimated quickly and continues to do an exceptional job with all her job responsibilities as coding clerk. Despite her work-filled day, she makes the time to check in with the coding management team each day. She is always upbeat, positive and concerned about our wellbeing. Thank you, Michele, for brightening our day!"

— Jane Hayes

"Shout out to Sherrie Bentley, Practice Manager of St. Lucie Anesthesia, for always being upbeat and keeping us updated and positive, especially for a furloughed employee."

— Sara Greenberg

"Shout out to Tim Alfano in Phoenix Radiology IT. He is hardworking and cares enough to stick with an issue until it is resolved. He never passes the buck. In one word, he is responsible."

— Joshua Howerter

"Tynia Arnold – superwoman."

— John Collmer

"A shout out to all the Radiology Associates of Hollywood team. Thank you to all of them."

— Maria Mendoza

"Shout out to the BTMC NICU team for spreading their wings and caring for their first mandibular distraction at the hospital."

— Amit Agrawal

"Shout out to the EDF Group. Mark Waltz = TRUST."

— Steven Rogalinski

"Shout out to Gina Ponzetti Egoavil! Gina always goes out of her way to help others understand process, devotes her time to ensure work is done right, always asks the right questions and embodies all the Envision Values. I am honored Gina is a colleague. HRIS is lucky to have her!"

— Vanessa Izadi

"Shout out to my Pain Division again for rapidly embracing a fundamentally new model of care."

— Srinivas Bollimpalli

"Shout out to the ENVOY team for helping the Envision Intensivists team at Valley Regional and also all the Intensivist and EM providers that created a new model of working together to care for the ICU patients."

— Harshit Rao

"Shout out to the ENVOY team and our RSC partners! From leadership to operations, recruiting, credentialing, scheduling and contracting, the contributions made around disaster crisis coverage have been immense. The dedication, agility and innovative ways this team has collaborated prove nothing is impossible. "

— Gillian Arbas

"Shout out to Amy Metula, VPCS National Group and all the Teams National and America group that support the HCA book pf business for a successful National Quality Summit."

— Ginger Wirth

"Shout out to the tiny but mighty TA team that is holding down the fort!"

— Tracy Shimek

"I want to give a shout out to Dr. Harshit Rao, Regional Medical Director for Critical Care, and all of our Texas-based critical care physicians for starting up four new programs in the last six weeks in the height of COVID. Our physicians have gone well above and beyond for the critically ill patients in all 14 of our Texas-based programs."

— Taylor Casteel

"Shout out to all employees from VAC PAIN in Phoenix and POP. It’s been great working with you all. Hang in there and hold the fort down!!"

— Diane Holder

"Shout out to Ana Damato for incredible support to her teams in front end production, coding and chart acquisition in PP Anesthesia RCM. She goes above beyond with helping resolve issues and responding so we can service our awesome clinicians in the field."

— Aristides Iliopoulos

"Shout out to ALL of the Provider Enrollment Division and its leadership who have been working really hard to get all the providers enrolled and revalidated with all the necessary payers so the company can receive reimbursement for all their hard work. Stay safe and blessed everyone!"

— Trella Gordon

"Shout out to the PCT Team in OPKS for working hard and diligently for our MAC and Valley providers!"

— Tamar Elzy

"Congratulations to the Envision Healthcare Creative Team from the Marketing Department. The Video/Animation team (currently furloughed) won Gold at the 37th Annual Healthcare Advertising awards for the "Promotional Video" category for the "Art of Medicine" video featured at the Envision Physician Services Leadership Conference in late 2019."

— Doug Simpler

"Shout out to Heather Lambert for her exceptional work and leadership on several projects we have worked on together. "

— Jennifer Davis

"I would like to send a shout out to Tonya Wagner, our infection preventionist for AMSURG. She works every day from early morning to midnight as well as having centers of her own to take care of! She is on committees of every kind as well. She ALWAYS has a smile on her face and is perking us up on every call. She makes us all laugh and always ends the calls and emails with GO TEAM GO! She is so full of information and takes all calls, no matter what time of day or night. She is the BEST! Thank you, Tonya!"

— Connie Casey

"Shout out to Antonio Rodriguez and his team of SNOW Architects. Thank you for endless support to HR. We APPRECIATE YOU!!!"

— Vanessa Izadi

"Shout out to Bradford, Rebecca, Noah and the entire ENVOY recruiting team! You have achieved incredible results through this difficult time. Thank you for the tireless nights and long weekends. It is an honor and a privilege to support you."

— Thomas Rogers

"HUGE shout out to Linda Alloway of Hospitalist Coding QA from her New Business teammates for all of the amazing time, energy and dedication she's put into helping us get through the HMI division challenges among her other duties and responsibilities. "

— Rebecca Howley

"Shout out to RTI Coding QA for all the hard work throughout this whole COVID-19 pandemic. What a great team we have!!"

— Kerri Silva

"Shout out to the clinicians at Ocala RMC. My mother was brought there after a car accident, and she felt very well cared for and safe. After listening to these calls regularly, I felt very comfortable that she would be safe there. Seeing the COVID-19 measures in place and in action was comforting. Everyone there did an excellent job, and it made me proud to be part of this company."

— Jamie Steemken

"Shout out to Ann Louise for the great tools she provided for the Leadership team and for me! They were very helpful."

— Kathleen Needleman

"Shout out to my Cedars Sinai/Marina Del Rey team."

— Carlos Sandoval

"Shout out to the North Florida Division! You all rock!"

— Heather Washington

"Huge shout out to Dr. Stefanie Simmons and her presentation to the National Association Medical Staff Services. Staying well when the world is sick: What does self-care look like in a COVID world? So grateful for her and all she does!"

— Karen Vineyard

"Shout out to Lauren McCaffrey, Wally Oladunni and Marius Nesser on the Finance team for all their great work on renewal analysis. Thank you and great work!"

— Michael Vied

"Shout out to Michael Hobbs and the Payroll team!"

— Kimberly Chauvin

"Shout out to Cody Tilger, Director of Finance! Our finance team has been shorthanded, so his flexibility, grace and positive leadership has been greatly appreciated!!"

— Shawna Smith

"Shout out to Adam and Ann Louise for the awesome COVID 101 Town Hall. It was superior."

— Meg Morgan

"Shout out to the Kansas City team led by Kathy Carbrey! Working long hours, short staffed and producing results. WHOO HOO!!"

— Marlon Suber

"I would like to acknowledge the laser-like focus of the following individuals for successfully launching our Springfield, Oregon, based GI practice, which is a first-time accomplishment for AMSURG, positioning us for many more similar implementations in the future. Kim Franks and the Insight team, Alina Logan, Anne Lusk and team, Bill Benz, Matt Tyson, Kyle Detwieler, Justin Page, Stephanie Johnson, Mark Wainner, Amy Stutts, Eric Zilberman, Jan Moody, Blake Bratcher, Regina DeHart and Heather Hoffman. These team leaders represent leaders of multiple departments and functional areas that contributed to this launch."

— Angela Durham

"Shout out to Keri Boyd EM/HM OPS Manager from the ENVOY team for her quick response and action for the ICU Unit at Tucson Medical Center."

— Roberta Trembley

"SHOUT OUT to Keri Boyd, the ENVOY Ops Manager, who led the Tuscan MC Crisis!"

— Michael Allen

"Shout out to the Envision ED and Hospitalists for stepping up and helping surge staff at Houston Northwest ICU."

— Harshit Rao

"Shout out from National Provider Enrollment to John Fennell in Talent Acquisition and Tamika Baker in HR for their teamwork and partnership in assisting with returning furloughed associates and managing open positions. They are great, responsive partners. "

— Kathy Kondas

"Shout out to Robert Wakefield (benefits analyst) for making our work from home a lot easier and making the workplace a much better place."

— Samantha Fung

"I would like to give a shout out to Dr. Simmons for her calls for clinical and non-clinical staff and the meditations she organized. I know it takes a lot of time to research and come up with content to use every day. I have really appreciated her and those calls. The calls have also provided useful info for me to share with family and friends."

— Susan Zubrick

"This team has been amazing during the pandemic. We were able to handle a massive volume of emergency credentialing early in the pandemic in preparation for the potential wave of COVID patients as well as keeping the usual high volume of credentialing on track, amongst several new starts so that our clinicians can focus on treating patients. All this, while handling the uncertainty in their personal lives and adapting to working from home. Truly amazing performance by this team, the American Group RSC and Envision. Thank you for these calls and we appreciate your leadership!"

— Harry Sye

"Shout out to the Envision Purchasing Manager Jorge Vasquez from the Radiology Associates team of Hollywood. Thank you to the Procurement team for supplying our office with much needed medical supplies. We appreciate you! Thank you! "

— RAH Team

"Thank you to Dr. Hossain for your guidance and leadership through this pandemic. It continues to be very helpful to the providers and staff who look to Dr. Hossain each day for answers. He has kept us all on track and has guided us through some difficult times. Through the crazy, hectic workday, he keeps us diligent about protecting ourselves, our patients, our families and our co-workers. Dr. Hossain, we sincerely appreciate you! "

— Sherri Morris

"Shout out to Heather Banks for all her dedicated work and long hours spent on administering the CIA, to Alta Whisnant for taking on two roles, and to Jay Hendricks and the rest of the Compliance team for their hard work and flexibility! "

— Jillian Marcus

"Shout out and thank you to the Questcare medical clinic’s drive-thru testing team."

— Jyoti Bharti

"Shout out to the incredible nursing staff at Questcare Medical Clinics led by Sunshine Maxwell. They have been braving the DFW heat, doing a ridiculous amount of COVID-19 swabs at our drive-through sites. Our COVID Swab Squad are true #healthcareheroes."

— Shabbir Hossain

"Thank you to all my DCS colleagues for picking up all the extra work for those of us who have been furloughed. Your support of our contract clinicians and hospital partners is immeasurable. You all are amazing and appreciated!"

— Ginger Wirth

"I would like to send shout outs to my team and others we work with on a regular basis. In particular, Jocelyn De Jesus-Fisher, Client Services Administrative Assistant, Priya Patel, Client Services Administrator and Corinne Kleintz, Client Services Administrator. They have been a great source of support through these difficult times. They have been able to overcome and step-up to any challenges. "

— Bonnie Law

"Shout out to the Central Business Office from Angela Hudgins. Shout out to April Scarbrough at the CBO. Thank you for all your continuous help that you give us and going that extra mile to help us."

— Angela Hudgins

"Shout out to the New Jersey RCM team in Kansas - We started training for the new GE Software right as the COVID epidemic hit our country. We could not stop mid-stream so we packed up and sent everyone home, did all our training via webinars, not always easy. It’s a whole new way of life for Insurance….Special thanks to Berina Darbouze for all your screen shots and job aids, Cindy Hatch and Karen Prusator for your leadership and directions. Thanks to all for not giving up and running for the hills. We may not be on the main front, but we work diligently to get our providers paid correctly. Thank you to all our providers that keep going to work every day and facing this disease head on."

— Brenda Gorham

"To our Western RSC EM/EM scheduling team from Efram Peller - Jessica Lesher, supervisor, and team. The team has managed to consistently make sure all EM and HM shifts are staffed and covered in a rapidly changing environment with hour by hour coverage changes, quarantine reports day and night, with great partnership from our operations partners, RMDs SMDs and many heroic clinicians who have consistently stepped up to support their colleagues and care for our patients. Jessica has led her team with integrity and determination. We thank Jessica and her team from the entire Western OU leadership team. "

— Efram Peller

"To the Valley Anesthesia Scheduling team from Efram Peller. Alice Lohr and her team have supported our hospital-based anesthesiologists and CRNAs through the stages of the pandemic. Alice has successfully supported her team and redeployment of schedulers across the state. We are all grateful for leaders like Alice as well as her committed and professional team. "

— Efram Peller

"Shout out to Accounting Emergency GL team for always doing an awesome job, no matter what changes are coming through!"

— Lijana Berry

"I'd like to give a shout out to all the schedulers across the company - both office-based and provider schedulers who worked tirelessly and kept the schedules together during Covid-19. You are all amazing!!!!"

— Kathy Litchfield

"To the American Group RSC Credentialing Team from Harry Sye - The Team, American Group RSC Credentialing, has been amazing during the pandemic. We were able to handle a massive volume of emergency credentialing early in the pandemic in preparation for the potential wave of COVID patients. As well as keeping the usual high volume of credentialing on track, amongst several new starts so that our clinicians can focus on treating patients. All this, while handling the uncertainty in their personal lives and adapting to working from home. Truly amazing performance by this team, the American Group RSC and Envision. Thank you for these calls, and we appreciate our Leadership!"

— Harry Sye

"Shout out to the Email Team from Janell Fadler and crew: Mo Chattergoon, Lauren Moody, Vernon Walters, Leslie Loris – Thank you for your tireless and quick turn work during this time of high traffic emails. Everyone at Envision sees your work, but we know all the pieces you knit together in order to push out much needed information. Thank you for your patience and dedication to communicating with everyone in our company."

— Janell Fadler

"To Pensacola Physician Services Proposal Development Team from Roylene Rhodes – Thank you to the Pensacola Physician Services Proposal Development Team for their amazing performance. This exemplary team has carried an even heavier workload without sacrificing quality and it shows in our steady flow of new organic contract wins! Thank you for all you do every day. It makes a difference!"

— Roylene Rhodes

"To Southeast RSC Radiology Scheduling team, from Maggie Medina - I would like to give a shout out to the entire Southeast RSC Radiology Scheduling team is who has stepped up to take on additional work and support each other across the country. This team not only manages radiologists' schedules across the country but also processes payroll for radiologists. They consistently rise to the challenge of multiple, daily, last-minute schedule changes. Proud to be a member of this team!"

— Maggie Medina

"Shout out to our Envision Physician Services, Center of Excellence Data Analytics from Lina Hodac – I would like to recognize the COE Data Analytics eam led by Kevin Olsen. He leads a small team generating amazing work supporting our HCA clinical quality and operations reporting. The team’s work is helping us deliver excellent patient care in an efficient manner. Special thanks to Sara Lupo who designed our Risk Free Hospital Medicine Dashboard! You rock!"

— Lina Hodac

"To our AMSURG Ops Team, thanks for navigating center ramp ups safely but expeditiously."

— Jillian P. Wright

"Anesthesia Ops team members in Arizona from Bridget Cafazza – shout out to our non-clinical operational team in Arizona – they’ve been so agile navigating the changes during Covid. They have supported all of our physicians without hesitation and have been pivotal to our team's ability to review important data and metrics, ensure accuracy of compensation, etc. – just to name a few. They continuously step up and do WHATEVER and whenever asked. We are grateful for them! "

— Bridget Cafazza

"Shout out to the Credentials team - Jaime George who is doing an amazing job of getting providers credentials at Houston Northwest during a dire needed for Intensivist. Also, scheduler Nadia Garza for working tirelessly to help fill the schedule while dealing with personal loss of a loved one."

— Harshit Rao

"Shout out to HRIS Team (Gina Ponzetti, Sam Merritt, Amy Cardarelli and Elizabeth Cabral) for all of their support during all these COVID initiatives."

— Zee Stewart

"Vanessa Izadi, HR Shared Service Manager, illustrates what a true leader looks like by listening to team members and coaching them with HR cases."

— Ravi Patel

"Shout out to my team of intensivists under the leadership of Dr. Scott VanPoppel for a COVID-19 mortality ~6%, lowest in the HCA American Group of about 80 hospitals. Drs. Waheed, Adejorin, Pellechia, Haptegabriel, Chishti, Udeozo, and Stoudt."

— Asjad Khan

"Shout out to Chetan Patil. He has taken on the lead development role for the Case Reconciliation application and has proven to be an awesome team member - completing his transition and training in record time and blowing away our expectations!"

— Jen Arrington

"A big shout out to the National Provider Documentation team who continue to work diligently to appropriately maximize revenue throughout this pandemic with uncertain reimbursement."

— Michelle Mitchell

"Shout out to Alma Raley, our supervisor for AR team in Phoenix Az, who is now having to go into the office to perform tasks that would normally be done by reps. WAY TO GO, ALMA!! from furloughed employee waiting to come back!"

— Diane Holder

"I would like to give a shout out to our teams with Questcare Medical Clinic in the DFW area who are operating drive-thru COVID testing sites in this Texas heat. They are all doing an amazing job taking care of our communities!"

— Tonya Morris

"Huge shout out to all RCM members at the Plantation Office, to Danaisy our manager in the call center...we've got your back!"

— Luis Silva

"Dr. Walker Blake is amazing, a wonderful person and an awesome SMD!"

— James Poynter

"Doing great Adam!"

— Katie Lamb

"Shoutout to Destinye Lavender for always helping out when her coworkers need help. She works hard and always puts in 100%."

— Sarah Huff

"Shout out to Dr. Simmons for morning wellness meetings. They are amazing and a great way to start the day. Your leadership for these meetings has been a difference-maker during this time."

— Joel Vandenakker

"Shout out to Caitlin Makatura, an unsung hero on the Enterprise Marketing Team. She designs thoughtful, functional interfaces for our websites and makes everybody else downstream on the Marketing Production Team look good."

— Heather Galindo

"Shout out to Vinay Paspulete, Accounting Information Systems. He just passed the Oracle Cloud Certification Exam."

— Rick Loss

"Please give a big shout out to Stef Simmons for her daily inspirational and motivational wellness calls every day at 10. They are a salvation and blessing to everyone on the call! She is a true hero!"

— Stacy Weinstein

"Shout out to all of the CSS teams across the enterprise. They have continued to work hard with clean up projects and staying focused and on task with contract generation and the onboarding and assisting of our clinicians. I am grateful to have the teams in place and the specialists who continue to work hard through these times. Much appreciation and thanks!"

— Kim Jones

"Thanks very much to Heather O'Connor and Brian Lu on the Creative Team for the efficient and beautiful work they're doing to support the AMSURG Marketing Team, and the various task forces employed. They make us look good to our patients, our staff, our partners and our colleagues."

— Brenda Green

"Deepest appreciation to Women's and Children's Practice Manager Tamyra Knowles for caring deeply for her peers and clinicians and for being a source of strength and compassion for us all."

— Adam Cava

"Shout out to Tonya Wagner, Senior Clinical Director! Thank you for all you hard work giving us all the infection control resources we need to assist our centers! You rock!!!"

— Laurie Markus-Cornell

"Shout out to Teresa Bodensteiner and the Revenue Cycle Management Team for their commitment; we know that stability and effectiveness of billing functions is such an important part of our business so we can focus on operational priorities to best serve the community’s health needs. Thank you for all you do!"

— David Shackelford

"SHOUT OUT to Julie Sebree and Lanty O'Connor for keeping us safe with PPE when it was not available."

— Joshua Bloomstone

"Thanks for the appreciation. A leader is only as strong as their team. So proud to be a part of my stellar team – outstanding people!"

— Sheila Kerrigan

"I would love to SHOUT OUT to both Matt Pittman and to Ann Louise Tisdale-Ramos for coordinating flawless educational seminars during these stressful times."

— Joshua Bloomstone

"I would like to give a shout out to Drs. Andy Mulvey and Nikki Funk in the Central Operating Group. Both have gone above and beyond to create and implement creative solutions during these difficult times. They continue to lead by example and have been excellent role models."

— Jacob Shopp

"Thank you to Emily Grant and Joy Lindsay on the Digital Marketing Web Content Deployment team for being nimble, responsive and positive amid all the craziness of the last few months. As Kelly Clarkson says, my life would suck without you!"

— Heather Galindo

"Jessica H. is an amazing leader!!!! "

— Aristides Iliopoulos

"Shout out to John Fennell on our EVPS Plantation-based Talent Acquisition team for keeping the lights on for the rest of us furloughed TA peeps!!"

— Catherine Paredi

"Thank you from A/R rep!"

— Christina Harvillmarkahn

"Shout out to the Operations, Credentials and Scheduling team for new startups in Houston, Austin and Dallas for Envision Intensivists."

— Harshit Rao

"SHOUT OUT TO THE CBO (Nashville and West Palm)!!!! We lost a lot to furloughs, so I want to say a HUGE thank you to the ones still sticking with us working hard and these long hours."

— Tracey Goodwin

"Shout out to my department! CHART MANAGEMENT DEPARTMENT! My Manager Jared Anderson and Supervisor Stephanie Walter! I miss everybody!"

— Brice Wharton

"Shout out to the Dallas Provider Enrollment Team!!!!!"

— Nichole Chavez

"Please give Dr. Stefanie Simmons a big shout out for leading her amazing daily call. They are a great resource for so many!"

— Stacy Weinstein

"Shout out to Season Vaughan, Director of EPS Enrollment. She has worn many hats and has gone above and beyond for her many years of service to make this region and company a better place."

— Misty Demers

"Shoutout from KS RCM to Roberta Hartsock. Roberta got the home address from each employee on our team and sent each of us a goodies packet. It contained a card for each of us along with her homemade cookies, chips and several fun items. It lifted the spirits of everyone of our team. Thank you, Roberta, for going above and beyond!!!"

— Brenda Gorham

"Northeast team: I want to give a shout out to our PPE Czar Eric Bachenheimer, VP of Client Solutions, who has done a phenomenal job regularly surveying our group to meet their changing PPE needs and handling the complex shipping logistics flawlessly. I hope Amazon doesn't pick him off!"

— Fareed Fareed

"Kudos to Juli Stover, Kristin Darby, Kat Thousand, John Olivier, David Inness, Rich Sanders, Sunshine Maxwell and all of the other corporate and group virtual health champions. 130,000 virtual health visits and counting in the last two months!"

— Matt Bush

"I'd like to give a shout out to the Virtual Health team for all of their hard work over the last few months, and also to everyone else who has supported the virtual health efforts. Everyone has worked tirelessly to support our providers and help them deliver safer patient care! I am so proud to be part of this team!"

— Juli Stover

"Shout out to Dr. Elizabeth Plemmons, Chair of EM at Henry Ford Wyandotte and Brownstown ED, Midwest Operations. She has been our light, a driving force for change and safety and always advocating for her providers."

— Satheesh Gunaga

"Thank you Dr. Brown!!!"

— Karen Vineyard

"Shout out to Amber Castro and Jennifer Daniels from Women’s and Children’s operations. They have singlehandedly spearheaded the startup of five new OB HM startups during the pandemic, from home, with teammates lost to furlough and accepting their own salary cuts with smiles on their faces. They are amazing and fabulous and irreplaceable!! Love you girls!"

— Lynn Barta

"Shout out to Questcare Primary Clinics and Questcare Matrix Post-Acute Care for staffing drive-up COVID testing sites. They have shown up and done testing under the Texas heat, during rain and crazy winds. They have shown up every day for weeks to help our communities not just by doing the testing but by providing education and just lending an ear as these patients can be quite worried whether or not they have COVID-19. Thank you to the Questcare team for all you have done and continue to do!"

— Leonore Rodriguez

"SHOUT OUT – To Dr. Adam Brown for exemplary overall all clinical leadership and communication."

— Joshua Bloomstone

"Kudos to Matt Pittman, Sr. Manager Talent Dev. from your internal customer Lina Hodac: Matt is a pure joy to work with. Always available, flexible with changing needs and directions, keeps his commitments. Matt was a great hire to our Envision team. Just wanted you to know how much he is appreciated. #pivotchamp"

— Bonnie O’Meara

"I'm shouting out my supervisor Patricia Gresham for being a team player for our SBC team. Best regards, Leaundria."

— Leaundria Tarver

"I want to shout out Mo Chattergoon’s Marketing Technology Team for its excellent work on the COVID-19 microsite. UX Designer Caitlin Makatura and the developers, particularly Daniel Frye and Nate Brunetti, put together an awesome site and have continued to create new features as needed since the initial launch. Heather Galindo’s Content Deployment Team is constantly updating the content and resources on dozens of pages. Taylor Witkowski built a fantastic DOMO dashboard to track just about everything you could imagine, including the 2 million (!) emails Lauren Moody’s Marketing Automation team has sent. Everyone has done such a great job!"

— Anonymous

"Shout out to the AMSURG Resurgence team who is thoughtfully preparing our centers for any COVID second wave."

— Sandy Smith

"Shout out to Tonya Wagner, Sr. Clinical Director, for all her hard work providing infection control and for being an active part of the task force in Covid and RORU."

— Laurie Markus-Cornell

"Shout out to the entire Talent Development team. We know you are all working double time to represent and provide stellar support to the organization. Thank you for your dedication."

— TC McCarthy

"Shout out to Dr. McCaig and Dr. Menendez for volunteering to pilot the Telemedicine discharge platform."

— Toni Smith

"Shout out to Dr. Pulido for being our SE group RFHM champion."

— Toni Smith

"Shout out to Tynia Arnold, Central Group Recruiting Manager, and Kelly Stopa, Central Group Scheduling Manager. Thanks for all your support and teamwork, not only during this pandemic, but at any given time. You both are so appreciated!!"

— Karen Vineyard

"Shout out to Phoenix Pain billing team’s Alma Debra and Leonor for taking on the work of 6 people due to furloughed employees."


"Shout out to Alan Olson in Ann Arbor Finance for holding down the fort while his teammates are on furlough."


"Kudos to Scott Ackerman's team, particularly Maz and Blackstone from level 2 support team."

— Lavaughn Thomas

"SHOUT OUT – To Dr. Andrew Greenfield for exemplary leadership during these unprecedented times!"

— Joshua Bloomstone

"Shout out to Central Scheduling team. They have rocked keeping the schedules up to date with the many changes. Great group to work with, and Kelly and Jessica are great to work for!"

— Susan Zubrick

"Shout out to Melissa Vorpagel and Rachel Stommel with Central Market Anesthesia for keeping us together and moving forward supporting operations for our team!!"

— Frank Podojil

"Thank you Michael Delk in Sebring!"

— Christopher Chrosniak

"Great job NJHCS!"

— Alexander Stewart

"Shoutout to the website team including Adam Brown, Stu Coffman, Keenan Bora, Yara Nielsonshultz, Josh Bloomstone, and the IT support group for putting together an amazing website."

— Keenan Bora

"Vanessa Izadi - HRSS Service Center Manager - Demonstrating great leadership skills."

— Ravi Patel

"I also want to give shout out to credentials and Operations team in central division supporting new programs in Texas, specifically from Dallas and Houston."

— Harshit Rao

"Shout out: to Nicole Caponetto and the NJ redeployment team for organizing over 20,000 hours of anesthesia redeployment to cover COVID patients in ICUs throughout the state!"

— David Rocamboli

"Shout out to Naomi Teare, Northeast RSC. She has been instrumental in working with IT to develop processes for EmWorks and superior Credentialing through the COVD crisis for Credentialing!"

— Diane Martin

"Kudos to the Clinical Services (DCS) team for contributions to the Safe ED Visits toolkit. We are receiving positive feedback from hospital partners. Thank you! "

— Lina Hodac

"Shout out to Tasha Butler and Stacie Nieberding for championing weekly micro learning for our remote workforce. "

— Matt Pittman

"Shout out to all the Envision Intensivist across the country on the front lines taking care of critical COVID patients; especially the Advanced Ventilator Therapies and ECMO team in North Texas."

— Harshit Rao

"Shout out to the Clinical Hot Topic Work group led by Stu Coffman, Keenan Bora, and Josh Bloomstone and the various faculty members for keeping our frontline staff as current as possible on emerging evidence for COVID treatment."

— Matt Pittman

"I want to give a shout to the Central Group credentialing team, they have been resilient during this craziness!! You all are ROCKSTARS!!! Blessed to have a great team!"

— Karen Vineyard

"Kudos to Ann Louise Tisdale-Ramos and Matt Pittman for doing such an amazing job representing the Talent Development team and for helping to keep all the leadership calls on track. You both make us proud and we miss you."

— TC McCarthy

"**Shout out** to the Dallas Provider Enrollment team. They are truly showing that teamwork does in fact make the dream work! We have a ton of work and everyone is trying to help each other to get our providers enrolled. Also shout out to Dr. Slepin and Dr. Byrne for always being so quick to return items I've sent to them for signatures."

— Tanisha Berry

"Kansas RCM has done an outstanding job getting around all obstacles and keep putting out very productive work and claims with little to no delay!"

— Tammy Tracy

"Kudos to Ann Louise Tisdale and Matt Pittman for helping coordinate our Hot Topics web series. "

— Stu Coffman

"Kudos to Keenan Bora and Josh Bloomstone, my partners in keeping our clinicians informed, educated, and supported with the best evidence-based medicine available."

— Stu Coffman

"A shout out to my entire Office Team for their incredible efforts to keep the offices running and switch to telehealth almost overnight."

— Srinivas Bollimpalli

"Thank you Cheryl Crosby for keeping our team engaged!"

— S Morrison

"Shout out to Abbas Asadi's team!"

— Simi Merchant

"Shout out to our entire RSC team. Thank you for your unwavering commitment in supporting our clinicians though every disaster site request and crisis redeployment initiative as well as stepping in and helping your fellow teammates, no questions asked, throughout this entire state of crisis. It’s an absolute privilege in getting to support and work with all of you. "

— Sheena Jaglan

"I would just like to shout out the non-clinical staff for holding it down throughout this whole situation. We may not be saving lives firsthand, but we are providing an invaluable service nonetheless."

— Shannon Keenan

"Shout out to Amy Joseph, Product Leadership Manager in Radiology IT. She's helping and motivating our strained team to continue to deliver technology, telehealth, and other initiatives to keep our clinicians working."

— Sean Adams

"Shout out to Carsi Padrnos, RN, and Sue Kirk, RN, two of our DCS West Group team members who have stepped up to help with operations as a result of several of our ops team members being furloughed."

— Scott Zeilinger

"Shout out to the AMSURG Arizona team. They advocated to the state for their ASCs and clarified our procedures are essential services! "

— Sandy Smith

"Anesthesia Finance team for all the support to perform modeling needed to support operations with ever changing comp!"

— Ryon Vazquez

"Thank you to payroll, who on more than one occasion has either fixed something that came up as an oversight or got an answer to a pressing question which helped alleviate fears."

— Robert Frohm

"Shout out to Vanessa Izadi, Manager, HR Shared Services, for demonstrating excelence in leading and coaching the HRSS Team. "

— Ravi Patel

"Thank you Benefits and HRSS teams! You responded to over 5,000 teammate calls in the month of April and have worked very hard to take care of the customer, our valued employees!!!"

— Michelle Cotton

"Shout out to Janell Fadler in Marketing for keeping my team focused on deliverables and timing."

— Matthew Pittman

"Shout out to Drs. Astrove and Plosker in Boca Raton Florida; I have been working as a CRNA with their practice since 1995. They care tremendously for their team and treat us like family. I greatly appreciate the safe work environment they have created. They are working diligently as I write this to help us through this crisis. "

— Maria Romano

"Shout out for Suzanne Morrison, CRNA (PA Three Rivers Endoscopy Center). Outstanding leader!"

— Margaret Squiller

"Shout out to Team One AR Resolution clerks Anna Monaghan, Paula Minor, Ariel Buela and Amy Thuong for their amazing work ethic, positive attitude and commitment to the team! They continue to come into the office during COVID-19. Thank you! "

— Linda Heiser


— Laurie Markus-Cornell

"Mini Delashaw, ED director, has been amazing. She collaborated with some friends to make sure her ER staff was provided with food night and day throughout our toughest days."

— Unknown

"Shout out to Dr. Amit Agrawal, Phoenix. Extraordinary leadership during this challenge. Thank you!"

— Kim Krueger

"Thanks to the Insight team and especially our nurses Giselle Joines, RN, and Emily Forsythe, RN. Happy Nurses Week and thanks Insight and Center Apps teams. YOU ROCK!"

— K Franks

"Great job done by the Kansas RCM team for pulling together to get monthly goals completed."

— Kathy Carbrey

"Thank you all. These calls are very much appreciated."

— Kathleen Mack

"Executive leadership has done a fantastic job guiding the organization through this challenge and keeping everyone informed."

— Kathleen Kondas

"Super proud of my team for funding a healthy meal for the clinicians at Mt. Sinai."

— Kathleen Kondas

"To the Central Group Credentialing team, you all are amazing rockstars who have risen up above and beyond!! Truly blessed with this team!!!"

— Karen Vineyard

"Thank you to an exceptional team, a team that rose to the occasion, a team that will always go beyond to support Envision. Thank you, Zee, Brenda Key, Mark Grossi, Paul Wilson, Maritza Santiago, Stacey K., Micah E., Joe Espinosa, Inna, Anupama, Kalvinder, Anand, Mark Parkins, Saul Bernal. Thank you!!!"

— Judy Tarrant

"Shout out to all the nurses that have gone through this being on the front lines."

— Joseph Grimesiv

"Thank you, Dr. Stefanie Simmons, for holding the COVID-19 Support calls for employees & furloughed staff! "

— J Lauer

"Shout out to Trent Mattison for great work on state advocacy."

— Jillian Wright

"Shout out to Stef Simmons. Her daily calls/ meditations have been a saving grace, source of light and much needed routine. And Ann Louise, you too are a beacon of joy. :) Thank you!"

— Jennifer Edwards

"Shout out to our wonderful Design Team in Dallas: Heather O'Connor and Brian Lu! They have been asked to create marketing collateral with little notice, short turnaround times, sometimes with multiple changes - without one complaint. Not only are they doing this fast, but their quality remains high for each piece. I appreciate their hard work and positive attitude. "

— Jennifer McMenamin

"Jody Tootle's team has been extremely helpful in setting up redeployment contracts!!"

— Jeff Logston

"Thank you for all your hard work and courage in making tough decisions."

— Jean Faustin

"Shout out to the Finance team on getting a new forecast created with less people and in a very limited timeframe. I am impressed with how the team worked together to forecast more efficiently with more effective analysis and review."

— JC Vicary

"LOVE how ANN LOUISE TISDALE and MATT PITTMAN lead Clinical Hot Topics and From the Frontlines Calls. You guys are AMAZING!"

— Janell Fadler

"Also, a loud thanks to all our Intensivists across Envision."

— Harshit Rao

"Standing ovation to the pulmonary office staff in Dallas, Texas, for taking care of the pulmonary outpatients and pitching in with the drive through testing around Dallas."

— Harshit Rao

"I would like to a share a non-clinical shout out for Edwin Riofrio, Finance Manager with Envoy. So often Edwin’s work is behind the scenes, but his fingerprints are all over the good work within the Envoy division. His ability to create financial forecasts, develop systems, and provide strategic mapping allows us to prioritize the best outcome for our clinicians, Envision operators and Envoy staff. Edwin has been instrumental in creating smooth disaster payroll processing, invoice strategy implementation, and supporting the necessary reporting tracking tools to operationalize our Envoy Crisis redeployment efforts. "

— Gillian Arbas

"Shout out to Melissa Vorpagel, director of operations for anesthesia in the central market! She works tirelessly to support our clinicians and sites and has helped keep our team moving forward!"

— Unknown

"Sincere thank you to Mansoor and Kevin and the Envoy support team! They have been absolutely incredible."

— Eric VanMoorlehem

"Shout out to Nicole Caponnetto Regional PM in NJ for organizing 20,000 hours of redeployment of anesthesia clinicians to COVID coverage!"

— David Rocamboli

"Dr. Michael Delk in Sebring has been doing a great job with helping us navigate this crisis."

— Christopher Chrosniak

"Sheena Nichols, PM FL- Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding."

— Christina Johnson

"I would like to thank my providers in Sanford and Fort Walton Beach for stepping up and helping out with the Clinic as needed. Dr. Johnson and Dr. Evans, I would like to thank you for your patience throughout this transition."

— Christina Johnson

"Shout out to Adam Brown who personally answered my email regarding flu versus COVID."

— Carla Marshall

"Radiology shout out and thank you to Jeff Cyncynatus and Elio Perez for keeping the entire Radiology Service Operations and IT teams together and aligned and in positive spirits throughout this entire process. Envision is lucky to have great leaders such as these two."

— Bridgette Hawks

"So grateful for our clinicians on the front lines, for our active service military team members who are eager to get home to their families, and to all the non-clinical team members cheering them on. #mission #envisionstrong"

— Bonnie O’Meara

"Kudos to the Talent Development team for Pivot - Pivoooot - Pivooooooting to serve our clinicians in clinical education and from the front lines webinars, supporting government affairs daily research, and delivering regular lunch and learns for remaining team members. So proud of each of you."

— Bonnie O’Meara

"I would like to make a shout out to Supervisor, Kenisha Butts at AMSURG, who has been amazing since the furlough, she kept in touch with her team, checking on us and making sure we didn't need anything, she has been amazing."

— Alisha Anderson