Advancing the Future of Healthcare

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Clinicians must be empowered to provide the right care whenever and wherever it is needed. Envision is advancing the future of healthcare by advocating for access to new technologies and treatments as well as a transition to value-based care.

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Value-based care is a delivery model in which hospitals, clinicians and other providers are compensated based on patient outcomes. It differs from more traditional models in which payment is based on the volume of services provided.

Value-based care helps clinicians provide better care in their communities while boosting patients’ satisfaction and lowering their costs. Value-based care also improves healthcare access and can help reduce the healthcare disparities that have kept millions of people from living longer, more fulfilled lives.

We are committed to expanding value-based care where it exists and creating it where it does not.

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Learn how Innovations such as ET3 Keep Care in Communities

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Along with payment models that emphasize quality, advancements in technology and treatment result in safe, timely, effective, patient-centered care. Our commitment to healthcare innovation means we routinely outperform Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) quality benchmarks.

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When payment mechanisms are tied to results, we can improve outcomes and efficiencies so every person has access to the care they need. We support a transition to value-based care, a healthcare delivery model that determines hospital and clinician reimbursement based on patient outcomes.

Hospital closures and clinician shortages have made it harder to access even routine healthcare in many communities. We support and advocate for government programs that offer innovative ways to keep care in our communities, such as CMS’s Emergency Triage, Treat and Transport (ET3).

Healthcare innovations like virtual health empower clinicians to deliver the right care to patients — including those in medically-underserved locales — whenever and wherever they need it. We support policies that develop and enhance new healthcare technologies and that expand access to vital services.

CMS has initiated efforts to measure and address health inequities. We must expand these programs and encourage policymakers, including those at the state level, to provide additional resources to reduce healthcare disparities.

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Envision Physician Services Regional Medical Director

To keep up in our field, you always have to be learning. Just as we continue our medical education, we must also continue learning new technologies that help improve patient care.

As a national medical group, Envision has the opportunity to impact the lives of millions of patients and drive positive change. Learn more about our efforts below.

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